Back-of-the-pantry Bob / by Bobbi Lin

My friend Ewan calls me back-of-the-fridge Bob.  I don't take offense to this, I hate wasting food and if I can repurpose some things and make them delish, is that not a testament to one's talents as a cook?  Perhaps, in the past, I have taken back-of-the-fridge-ing a bit too far, and clearly, Ewan won't let me forget.

This pix doesn't do the recipe justice.  What would do it justice, is a picture of an empty pantry, happy baker, and chewy granola bars that disappear lightspeed.  It gives me great pleasure to clean out jars with a quarter cup of nuts, scant bags of oats and dried fruit, full containers of very expensive seeds that I keep forgetting to use, you get the picture.  I know you've been there.  

 taken on iphone

taken on iphone

Recipe found on The Yellow House

I switched the ingredients and you should too!  

For the nuts and dried fruit I use 1/2 cup of each:

-coconut flakes

-dried gogi berries

-chopped pecans

-chopped raw almonds

-dried dates

-hemp seeds