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Right swipes and salads at Sweetgreen.

Pasta? Pie? Yes. pasta-Pie!

These Chicks are hot. Peas.


So excited Blondie headlines the Sweetgreen's Sweetlife festival this year. Who wants a sandwich named after them, when you can have salad! And if you are Blondie, it's aptly called: One Grain or Another.  

“We are excited to partner with Sweetgreen on our very own grain bowl. We admire Sweetgreen’s energetic approach to challenging the status quo, and the way they have built a cult-like following.” says Debbie Harry, of Blondie.

Ten percent of all proceeds from the One Grain or Another salad will be donated to Partnership for a Healthier America's FNV Initiative, which is working to connect consumers with more fruits and vegetables nationwide.

PorK. Porc. Porchetta!

Cinnamon Rolls.  C’nuf said.

How to make Cinnamon rolls with Erin McDowell and Food52. Photos by Bobbi Lin; Editing by Liz Andrews, and special thanks to Staub!

The crazy stupid awesome way to make eggs.

Bodega Eggs from @rachelcat. Get the full story here by the lovely Rachel Christensen.

I’ll bring the pretzels, you bring the beer.

Miss Erin McDowel makes it look so easy, yet again.