Bobbi Lin Creative Person

I / Roots

Issue I / Roots
Two friends with very different backgrounds who made a connection over the love of food. We created Good Company to be an encouraging little nudge that says: hey, just have those friends over, it doesn’t matter that your forks don’t match. Pressed for time? Make cake out of a box, order takeout and give it a fresh presentation.

Because the most memorable meals happen when surrounded by the people you love, not the perfect place setting. If, along the way, we can share a recipe that sparks inspiration, connect you with a tool that turns a chore into something you love, or introduce you to people making a difference in their community, then we’ve made good.

In our first issue, we feature stories from Chicago and Brooklyn. We proudly embrace these cities as integral parts of our root system. We hope that this issue will spur a look back to your own roots, show them off, cultivate new ones and foster old ones to be stronger, deeper, yummier.

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