Bobbi Lin Creative Person

IV / Love

issue 4 / Aim

This month we are conditioned to be fixated on living up to a romantic comedy, or what might be missing in our lives, we hope that you’ll throw all that nonsense out the window and tuck in with some good food and Good Company. This month we are in love with what Erin McDowell, Derek Laughren, and Alexis Anthony bring to our Round Table. When McDowell and Laughren approached us with a menu of cocoa inspired recipes, our response was, you had me at cocoa powder everywhere.
These recipes are great for one, two, or a crowd; make just one and you’ll be just about anyone’s valentine. Imagine how you might light up the day for the postman, or everyone at the office when they receive a valentine brownie from you.  Or imagine how you might feed your own heart and sense of pride when you conquer that 17 ingredient mole that you’ve always wanted to make. 
Whichever one you decide to try, sit back and relish in being the modern day cupid.